Monday, December 13, 2010

Rajeev Chandrashekhar's business ethics

From: Amit Saigal

Date: 10 December 2010 12:51

Subject: Open Letter to Rajeev Chandreshekhar

I sent the following message out to 5000 members of the Rock Street Journal Group on facebook this morning:

Dear Mr. Chandrasekhar,

Opened the papers this morning and read about your "Open Letter to Rattan Tata", and was highly amused. One good "public" turn deserves another, so here is my "open" letter to you, you dishonest fuck.

I hope you remember floating an "internet" company during the dotcom boom of the late nineties. It was called

Even had very nice T-shirts and everything, and lots of nice people working for it, some of whom are still friends. No doubt, you thought you you were going to make a quick few million and cash in on the internet boom. Oyeindia co-sponsored Great Indian Rock Festival in 2001 for 16 lacs. And promptly bounced cheques, and then gave me an awesome runaround for two years.

Sir, not having shagged a family member of the BPL group to inherit any business, and having worked very very hard to create Rock Street Journal, Great Indian Rock etc. This was a huge sum of money for me. Can you possibly have the decency to pay up? with interest please?

I had totally forgotten about your insignificant life, till I saw in the papers today that you are now some BJP bigwig (obviously all your business ventures have gone down the tube (BPL? anyone?), and you have found a political party to suit your personality it seems).

So please look into your murky past, before you level innuendo against someone like Rattan Tata. You dont even aspire to be in the same league as the digested meal that comes out of Rattan Tatas bottom every morning.


amit Saigal

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