Monday, September 1, 2014

During night, wear something light

Delhi's traffic - I increasingly feel -  has passed the tipping point.

This morning, as I negotiated morning traffic at Adhchini, one car swung from the middle lane to the right, to perform a U-turn. A motorcycle plonked off the pavement at a perpendicular to the traffic, darted across a red light, and revved towards IIT Gate. A cycle-rickshaw headed directly at us, in the wrong channel. Two traffic cops on duty looked on, impervious - this is the normal state of affairs, why do you expect us to do anything about it?

The response of the senior admin is to compose doggerel and put it out on Twitter:
- Share the road with care
- Speed thrills but kills
- Don't be daring, be caring
- Caution and care, make accident rare
- Accident brings tear, safety brings cheer
- Have road sense, drive with confidence
- Drinking and driving, a bleak chance of surviving
- Alert today, alive tomorrow
- During night, wear something light

The versifiers have been deserted by their muse; this morning, I read:

-Always wear helmet Tight, and
- Stop before Stop line.

Oh dear.

8/9 The muse returned over the weekend:
-  Have road sense drive with confidence

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