Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Hit-and-Nearly Run - in 5 tweets

Hit-and-nearly-run at India Gate this morning. Rajan Yadav rams his white Figo into the rear of a labourer's cycle and backs to scoot.

A crowd gathers and I whip out my camera, so he stops. "The cycle emerged from nowhere". On the broadest road in Delhi!

"While you were looking at your phone", I guess. "No. It had fallen down, so I was looking FOR it, not AT it". Helps the labourer?

"I'll give him Rs. 250." 1 thousand, I say. "500.I only have 500". "Call a friend, or I call the cops." I call 100. He finds 1 k.

I hand the 1 k to the labourer, who isn't badly hurt. Wait for the police to arrive. Rajan, you are a callous, careless youth.

Those 5 tweets, with punctuation rectified, were my story of this Sunday morning. A Tourist Patrol vehicle of the Delhi Police arrived in a few minutes, noted my name and address, and had a brief chat with the labourer, who was loading his damaged cycle into an auto-rickshaw.

I cycled on; half an hour later, I saw a flurry of missed calls. Turned out they were from an ASI* at the Tilak Marg Police station, which had sent a van to the location, to follow up my complaint, and found no one at the spot. I told the ASI about the Tourist Patrol vehicle, and he said he had subsequently heard about their intervention.

The Delhi Police were - both in person, and on the phone - most civil and efficient.


  1. Nice to hear about Delhi Police courtesy - matches my experience and that of some friends

  2. It is important this word gets around - it will encourage other citizens to involve themselves, and help the law-and-order situation

  3. Good to hear this. Normally one only hears about the bad side of the police.